How to Setup HP Tango printer?

HP, being one of the leading manufacturers of printers, realized long before that with almost a computer in half of the homes, people would need a domestic printer as well. The performance needn’t be on par with the professional workplace printers, but these domestic printers had to be really easy to set up and maintain.

HP came with a line of printers that would certainly be one of the most optimal printers a home could have. One of its domestic models is the HP Tango Printer setup. In this blog, we will take you through the different features of the Tango Printer, and we’ll also take you through the set up and the printing process.

HP Tango printer setup

Completely on cloud

As one of it’s first, HP Tango Printer setup is a printer that can work completely from the cloud, meaning you never have to connect the printer to your computer or mobile phone physically. You can use the internet connection to print, scan or copy from any device, from anywhere. You can say it’s a truly mobile device, eh?

The printer can be connected to the internet, and can print from any device that is connected to the same internet seamlessly! All it takes is a little click and the printer takes care of the printing. Now that even mobile devices have document reading and creating capabilities, this printer will prove to be more useful.

Voice-activated printing

This is just taking smart printers to another level, but HP Tango Printer setup can actually be connected to voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo, Alexa or Microsoft Cortana.

Instant Ink activation

This one of the features that HP had put in place, brilliantly. People often run into the problem of running out of ink, just as they’re printing. To avoid this, HP’s instant Ink is a solution where the printer will automatically order itself some ink. This is based on your usage pattern, and how far the nearest dealer is from you. The printer will place an ink replacement order, and the order will be shipped to your address.

You can now enroll HP Tango printer setup to this service, and get yourself restocked on ink, without having to keep track of it yourself. As an incentive, if your Tango printer is enrolled for instant ink, then the photos that you print from your mobile phone, or your tablet is completely free, meaning these prints will be counted part of your monthly plan!

HP Tango Printer Setup

  1. To set the printer up, please unbox the printer.
  2. After unboxing the printer, you will now have to turn the printer on.
  3. Please make sure that the mobile device or the computer that you want to connect to the printer is connected to the same wireless internet the printer will be aconnected to.
  4. Now, press the WPS button on your printer.
  5. The printer will search for the WiFi routers nearby and will give you the list of routers in its range.
  6. Connect it to your router, and once the printer is connected to the internet, open the device you want to connect the printer to, and use Smart HP app to sync the two devices.

There! Your printer is ready!

If you have any questions on how to print, or how to set the printer up, please do let us know and we will help you with your printer setup.