How to Install HP Sprocket Plus Printer?

HP has a range of printers that can print documents. But there are a few printers that can even print photos. Now imagine if you could print the photos on the go, while you travel! Now imagine if the printers were stickers! All of this is possible, in your HP Sprocket Plus Printer! You can carry the printer where ever you go, and maybe even gift the moments to your loved ones!

In this blog, we will take you through the printer setup, and how to hook it up with your smartphone. We will also take you through the different features of the printer, and the different ways you can put the printer to use.

How different is using HP Sprocket Plus Printer from using some other photo printer, though? The printer does not use ink at all, to print the photos! Where’s the catch then, you asl? It is in the paper, that has cyan and magenta colors already in them, so they show different colors when the camera focuses light on different parts of the paper. This is a proprietary technology, developed by the polaroid company, and then later outsourced to HP.

HP Sprocket Plus Printer Setup

Having said that, HP Sprocket Plus Printer cannot use any other paper. Only these custom papers can be used for these printers, and a set of 10 papers come with the printer itself.

How to set the printer up?

  1. First things first, unbox the printer. After the unboxing, please check if the printer has come fully intact, and with the papers that go with the printer, and the charger cable.
  2. Remember, you have to charge the printer first.
  3. Once the printer is on, download the HP Sprocket application on your smartphone. the application is available for both your iOS and your Android devices.
  4. After the application is downloaded, switch the Bluetooth on in your mobile device, and go to the application.
  5. The application will scan the printer, and will ask if it should pair the phone and the printer device. Select yet.
  6. Once the pairing is complete, you will be able to print photos from your camera roll, or take photos and print them directly.
  7. The HP Sprocket Plus Printer application even allows you to perform basic edits to your photographs, like having a frame or adjusting the light settings of the image.
  8. Once the image is edited, please print it out.
  9. Before this, please make sure that you open the printer’s top lid and insert a few papers on to the printer. Please do not overload the printer.
  10. Once the image is printed, you can remove the sticker behind it, and stick the photo on your desk, or elsewhere!

HP Sprocket two in one Plus Printer

As a successor of this model, HP has decided to release the HP Sprocket Plus Printer two in one, which has a camera attached to it! This means that you can print photos that you just took. With the printer! How cool is that? This is one true wireless photo printer!

To buy the printer, or if you need help with the printer setup, or to ask questions about how to print photos using the HP Sprocket Plus Printer, visit or please call us via our toll-free number, +1-888-800-3260.