How To Setup HP LaserJet p1102w Wireless Printer?

HP Laserjet P1102w Printer

Want to go for wireless monochrome printing? Then you should get an HP LaserJet P1102W Printer. This printer from HP is decked with several add-ons and features. It is attuned with mobile printing and HP ePrint app. Another great feature of the HP LaserJet P1102W printer is the Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology, which helps in saving power. Moreover, HP offers a One-year unit exchange warranty with this printer.

First Steps In Setup Of A Printer

These steps are common in any printer and are also very vital

  • Firstly, Uncover your HP LaserJet p1102w printer from the carton box
  • Secondly, see if you have got the black and color cartridges, USB cable, power cord, set-up manual, and reference guide
  • Now, plug the power cable’s one end to the power socket and then link other with the printer
  • Then, switch on the printer and check if the paper tray and paper guides are okay
  • Next, in the control panel and select your country, language, and date & time as required
  • Consequently, fix the black and color printing cartridges to their slots
  • Next, place some A4 sheets paper in the paper tray
  • Now, an alignment page prints and verify if the scanner is working by scanning the alignment page

HP LaserJet p1102w Wireless Setup Steps

The HP LaserJet p1102w wireless setup is of two stages.

HP LaserJet P1102W Wireless Setup
HP LaserJet P1102W Wireless Setup

The Preliminary Wireless Setup Steps

  • In the first place check the settings of your HP Laserjet P1102W printer
  • Press and then hold the cancel button for some moments to print the configuration page
  • The configuration page will print, check for the settings
  • If there are any personal settings then, restore the default factory settings of the printer
  • Firstly, switch off your HP LaserJet P1102W printer and then, switch on
  • The previous step initializes your printer
  • Also, note that you have to press and hold the cancel and wireless buttons simultaneously for some moments
  • Now, you should see the 2 LED lights in the HP P1102W printer blinking
  • Then, release your fingers from the buttons.
  • Moreover, you should see the green light glowing which means the factory setting of your printer is restored
  • Then, press and hold the cancel button again to print anew the configuration page
  • Refer the configuration page and you will see the factory settings restoration is successful

The Concluding Wireless Setup Steps

  • At this situation, reach your PC and open the HP support webpage and launch the application, full software support
  • Once the HP support webpage application launch is over, on double click, you should see a notification “Animated Getting Started Guide” window opening-up
  • Under the option, select your product below, you will see the HP LaserJet P1102W printer name
  • Moreover, there would be two options, USB install (Wired) and Wireless install
  • Click on the option, Wireless install and then, tap the option, “Begin setup”
  • In the next notification, tap on the option, “install printer software”
  • In the ensuing popup, select the option “Add another printer”
  • Then, select your HP LaserJet P1102W printer from the list and then choose the option, “Configure to print over the Wireless Network” and click on next
  • A pop-up, “Wireless configuration utility” will come up, click on next and that would start the Wireless configuration
  • In the Wireless Discovery Method, ensure ‘advanced’ option is selected and then click on next
  • Select your network and click next
  • Next, you have to key your network credentials when asked for
  • The Wireless configuration for your printer commences and the setup is accomplished successfully
  • If the wireless setup is not successful, verify if your IP address is correct
  • If the IP address is incorrect, go to the settings and update the correct IP address
  • Moreover, key in the IP address in a browser and your printer web-interface should open up
  • Then, tap on the option networking and now configure the wireless network and then tap on apply
  • Later, re-configure the TCP/IP network properties as original in your PC
    • The HP LaserJet p1102w wireless setup should be done now


Hope, the below steps provided an easy approach towards your HP LaserJet p1102w wireless setup. If you have any more questions in the wireless setup, feel easy to contact us. We provide 24/7 services. To know more on the support offered, please visit us at or give a call to +1-888-800-3260.