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HP is one of the top printer manufacturers of all time, and they have four broad verticals of products. The HP Envy model printers are suitable for the homes and shared small office spaces. DeskJet and OfficeJet are printers that business owners can use. The advantage of owning a domestic printer is that you don’t have to spend too much on the maintenance of the product, and they also run at a decent speed.

The printers that can work on much larger queues and can print much faster are the ones that you can use for your offices. These printers also have a higher print speed that they can not only handle large queues but also handle tasks faster.

In this blog, we will take you through the different printer models and the installation process of the This printer is an OfficeJet model, so all the above-discussed points apply. This printer is also an all-in-one printer, meaning you can always print, take photocopies of the documents and even send or receive faxes from this single machine. Imagine all the room you save!

HP OfficeJet 3830 printer – Features

The printer can be connected to the internet via wireless internet, so you don’t really have to have a wired internet connection. There is a built-in fax machine, and the documents are automatically fed into the printers input tray and this means you don’t have to really assist your printer while you print long print queues. The input sheet capacity is at a standard 60 sheets, so you need not worry about refilling the papers every time you need to print something. This printer works both on iOS, and Windows devices, and can also be connected to the mobile phones in the same network and you can print documents from your phone as well.

How to setup the

The first stage in getting the printer working is to set the printer up physically. To set the printer up, you must first make sure that you have all the accessories needed for the installation. There must be two wires, one that you use to connect the printer to the wall outlet of power, and one to connect the printer to the computer.

  1. Connect the printer to the power port.
  2. Switch the printer on.
  3. After the printer is turned on, please open the paper compartment and put in the cartridges that came with the pack.
  4. Please make sure to only use HP cartridges to print from the
  5. Once you put the cartridges in, please shut the lid, and insert a few papers on to the printer’s input compartment.

With this, the printer installation is complete. You should now go ahead and connect the printer to the computer, but not just yet.

Downloading and installing the printer driver software

The next stage is to download and install the printer software to the computer. Whichever computer you want to use the printer in, please go ahead and download the software on the computer. To download the printer software, you must go to and enter the operating system that the computer works on.

When you do that, the site will go ahead and give you the software that you will have to download and install. Once the software is downloaded and is being installed, the printer installation wizard will give you on-screen instructions as to what you must then do.

Be it connecting the printer to the computer, or connecting the printer to the internet, the software installation wizard takes you through the steps.

Once this is done, you can install HP Smart and connect the phone with your printer as well. Our toll-free number is +1-888-800-3260 and you can call us anytime to let us know your queries with and installation. For more queries visit

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