How To Setup Through PC & HP Smart App?

HP Envy 7855 Printer

The salient features of the HP Envy 7855 printer

  • You can print, copy, fax and scan using this printer
  • This printer supports a wide variety of papers for printing purposes
  • Moreover, this printer is compatible with the HP Smart app
  • Additionally, borderless printing and wireless printing options are available
  • Likewise, the wireless connectivity is available via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart
  • Using Ethernet, you can opt to connect through Wired connectivity option
  • You can also save up to 50% through HP instant ink
  • You have the facility to print directly utilizing your SD card or USB

HP Envy 7855 Paper and Cartridge Setup

  • Firstly, open the scanner lid of the printer
  • Take out the protective Styrofoam sheet from the scanning platter and also remove the protective cardboard pieces from the cartridge slots
  • Unpack the black cartridge and tricolor cartridges you received along with your printer
  • Remove the protective tapes from the cartridges
  • Moreover, don’t touch the contact and nozzles of the cartridges
  • Then, place the black cartridge in the right side slot
  • Furthermore, do the same procedure for the tri-color cartridge and fix in the left side slot
  • Now, close the cartridge door and also close the scanner lid
  • Then, tap OK in the control panel, the cartridge setup is done, over to the paper setup
  • Follow the control panel instructions and load paper into the paper tray of the printer
  • Arrange the papers in the tray properly without any disorder
  • Moreover, if the papers are wet replace them
  • Likewise, align the paper guides and slide the paper and then close the paper input tray
  • Then, go to the control panel and tap the options, “yes” and “done”
  • As a result, the printer calibration commences and an alignment page prints
  • Check if the alignment page is according to the specifications
  • Subsequently, check the scan settings by scanning the alignment page
  • Carefully, open the scanner panel, tap on the setup lid and keep the alignment page as per the guidelines and close the scanner lid
  • Now, tap OK to finish scanning
  • Eventually, click OK on the alignment success notification displaying on the control panel and then click Finish
  • Thus the first part of 7855 is over

HP Envy 7855 Wireless Setup – Guide

There are two ways of doing WiFi setup,

  • Wireless Setup through PC
  • Wireless Setup through HP App Setup Setup

After you have finished the basic setup of HP Envy printer 7855, complete the below steps

  • On the control panel, tap on the setup
  • Then, scroll down and tap on the option network setup
  • Ensure the wireless option is turned on and then tap on the Wireless setup wizard
  • Furthermore, the automatic search for Wi-Fi routers starts
  • In a few moments, you would see a list of networks, choose your network from the list
  • Then, hit OK and then key your network passcode and wait for some moments for the network connection to be recognized
  • Once the connection is successful, a notification will display, authenticating the successful wireless set of the HP Envy 7855 printer

HP Envy 7855 WiFi Setup Through PC

  • Firstly, open a web browser and key the web address
  • Type the HP Envy printer series number and click on search
  • Download the printer software using 7855
  • If you are not able to download the software then first download the printer drivers
  • Once the software download is done, open the file and extract
  • Navigate the popups, tap continue and go then further
  • Now, a notification is displaying that your printer is found
  • Now tap on continue when required and proceed
  • Then, provide the zip code of the location of your Envy 7855
  • Wait for the software extraction and launch
  • Additionally, in the next popup, select Automatic setup option
  • Your printer name displays, click next and then yes
  • A success notification about the setup of is displayed

WiFi Setup Through HP App

  • Open the app store on your mobile and look for HP smart app
  • Thereafter, download the app. Open when the download is done
  • Now, tap on the plus symbol and add your HP Envy 7855 printer displaying on the mobile screen
  • You can thus start sending print jobs to your from your mobile

 Hope this blog gave you an indication as of how to do the wireless setup of HP Envy 7855 printer. Additionally, you can call us @ +1-888-800-3260 or visit to learn more on the HP printer general setup.