How to Install the Printer?

Envy printers are one of the very few printers that are truly made for homes. All of the other competing house printers are simply watered-down industrial machines. Not machines made specifically for homes. However, printers are machines built specifically for this purpose.

These printers are cost-effective, both in terms of the initial price, and in terms of the initial purchase, and in terms of recurring maintenance. The printer uses minimum ink, yet manages to keep up the print quality, and the printer has a very liberal monthly printing cycle. The cartridges last longer, and the printers can work for long hours continuously, meaning, the printers can handle a home’s printing needs, indefinitely.

How do I start the setup?

  1. The first step in this printer setup is to simply take the printer out of the box, and listing down all the accessories you got with the printer. You are supposed to have received a printer, two wires that you can use to connect the printer with power and the computer, a couple of cartridges and the warranty card. If any of these are missing, please contact your dealer.
  2. Take the printer out, and connect the printer to power using the wire given.
  3. On pressing, and holding the power button, the printer gets started.
  4. After the printer is on, please open the printer’s output compartment, and open it. In there, you will see two slots to be able to insert the HP cartridges. Please push them until you hear the click.
  5. Once you have the cartridges installed, you can go ahead and insert a few papers into the paper input tray.

This means that your printer will have power, papers and the ink part figured out. This is technically an indicator that the printer is ready to print, and all that is left, is to give it something to print. Where and how do we get the printer to work?

Installing Envy 4510 printers in the computer.

The printers are supposed to be connected to a computer, wired, at least during the first time installation. This wired connection need not happen immediately. You can start out by installing the driver software for the printer on the computer, and then connect the printer to the computer. But the, where do you get the printer driver?

Go to the official HP site. To download the right driver software, one must furnish two things. One, the printer’s model number. Two, the operating system on which the computer runs. If you give these two, then the site will give you the exact file that you have to download and install, to be able to use the printer.

After the file is downloaded, please hit install. The printer software’s installation wizard comes into play, and it uses on-screen instructions to guide you through the rest of the installation process.

This includes the step where you will have to connect the printer with the computer, using the HDMI wire given. We’d like to reiterate that it is not safe, nor is it productive enough to use non-HP brand accessories. Except for papers, everything that printer has to be from the house of HP, or the performance takes a dip.

If you have any questions with respect to how the printer works, or how to install, visit or please do let us know and we will help you. Our toll-free number is +1-888-800-3260.