How to set up the printer?

HP DeskJet printers are one of the most efficient models for domestic printing. The typical printing requirement of a domestic printer is to print minimum material, in the most optimal cost belt. The cost per print out should be lesser. is one of the most sought after domestic printers, so you will have to consider the printer if you are looking to buy one for your home. In this blog, we will take you through the features of the printer and the installation process of the DeskJet 3630 printer.

DeskJet 3630 printer features

The printer uses Ink-jet – color printing technology. It serves a Monthly Duty Cycle of a 1000 pages, maximum. The printer has an automatic paper sensor and you can also enable and use the mobile printing option to print documents from your mobile. The 7 segment LCD display with large icons can make it easy to operate the printers. The printer, being one meant for domestic usage, recommends printing from 100 papers to 250 papers per month.

Now that we know a bit about the printer, we’d like to take you through the different steps involved in setting the printer up.

Printer setup |

  1. The first step of the printer setup is to unbox the printer and see if the package contains all of the accessories that come with the printer. usually, there are at the very least two wires. One that connects the printer to the wall power source and the other wire that connect the printer with the computer. Apart from this, you can also find a few cartridges inside the box. Take all of them out, and unwrap them.
  2. Plug the printer to the power source on the wall, and switch it on. Now press and hold the power button to turn the printer on.
  3. Once the printer is on, open the paper output tray, and locate the cartridge clips.
  4. Press the cartridges in until you hear the click. Now that the cartridges are connected to the printer, you can take print outs right away.
  5. Please insert a few papers into the input tray and let the printer adjust its type head.
  6. Once the printer takes a sample print out, please check if the adjustments are right, and if not, you can set the print head’s alignment manually.

The physical setup of is done. Now, all that is left is to simply connect the printer to the computer. But before that, you will have to download and install the printer’s driver software on the computer.

Downloading and installing the driver software

To download the right printer software, you will have to first know the printer’s model number and the operating system that your computer runs on. If you know these, you can download the printer’s driver software.

If you need help downloading the right printer driver, please do let us know and we will help you in the activation. Once you download the printer software, run the program and the printer installation wizard takes control.

The HP installation wizard guides you through the steps of the printer installation, through on-screen instructions. It will even prompt you to connect the computer and the printer, and is enough if you do the connection only then. Until then, please do not connect the printer and the computer.

HP Smart mobile app

Once the setup is over, you can install the HP Smart mobile application and simply control the printer from your mobile itself.

If you have any questions with respect to the installation, visit or please do let us know via our toll-free number,  +1-888-800-3260. We are open 24*7.